Diagnostic Centre

A medical test can be done at the doorstep with an appointment scheduled (for critical tests), Online Instantly. Diagnostic Reports can be uploaded directly into the Patients account (Inbox). Even doctors can view the report by clicking on patients’ IDs.

  • Medical Test Can Be Done At The Doorstep With An Appointment Schedule (For Criticaltests), Instantly Online.
  • Diagnostic Reports Can Be Uploaded Directly Into the Patient’s Account (Inbox) & Even Doctor Can View The Report Instantly.
  • Diagnostic Centre Can Schedule An Automatic Reminder (Sms) / Notification On Web Site & Mobile App For The Patients Who Need Regular Checkup..
  • We Can Generate A Report About No. Of Tests & Revenue Generated, Instantly (By Clicking In Myaccount).
  • An Emergency Service Also Exists Were Any Diagnostic Service Center Acknowledges To Support 24/7 On-Call Or In Person Will Be Showcased Undera Different Category.
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